Here’s some facts:

  • I’m from Pottstown, PA  USA.
  • I’m married and try to keep the wife, 3 grown boys, and six small dogs happy.
  • Went to high school in Souderton, PA.
  • Earned a BS Information Science from University of Pittsburgh in 1983.
  • I have been an embedded systems engineer and a field applications engineer in the Semiconductor industry.
  • I have had a string of interesting hobbies: magician, studio photography, singing and playing guitar.
  • I had a run of owning and driving some nice old Cadillacs that I loved a lot, the last one being in the photo above, a 1978 Eldorado.  Somehow I used to find the time to do all of those things and work at the same time!

Why this blog?  I experienced the explosion of the microcomputer revolution and lived to tell. Now I like to help preserve the history and try to pass on its thrill.  A large amount of my spare time is spent restoring old computers and researching interesting facts to tell about them. I hope you enjoy my entries as I rediscover charms of these old machines and the brilliant minds that brought the diverse hardware and software systems to life.

This is my restoration lab including the wall of parts machines and the media creator station in the middle, and the workbench in the very front (which you can’t see much of, the lamp shines down on the work surface)



One response to “About

  1. Linda and Tom Fennelly

    Tanya let us know about your site.It’s nice to reflect back on the whole computer journey. Linda and Tom


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