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Kermit and the Brain


While in the process of restoring my Superbrain QD to operation, I stumbled upon the fascinating related history of the Kermit communications application- that the first microcomputer version of Kermit was written on and for the Superbrain.  I decided to someday exhibit the restored Superbrain and Kermit together.  The time had come. Continue reading


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Intertec Superbrain QD Restoration

The Intertec Superbrain QD, restored.

I found an Intertec Superbrain QD along with some software and manuals in the loft of Philadelphia, PA based Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR, now disbanded)  in the spring of 2015.   This started a fascination with the rather mysterious Superbrain and rather long restoration. Continue reading


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PS/2 Model P70 Floppy Drive Repair

I obtained an IBM PS2 Model 70 luggable computer last year and it worked well except for the floppy drive.  PS2 floppy drives are notorious for short lifespans. Here’s how I repaired a PS/2 floppy.
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CosmacCalc: The Cosmac VIP’s place in Spreadsheet History

What does a Cosmac VIP have to offer to an exhibit on the history of spreadsheets?  That’s a really good question with an interesting answer.

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VisiCalc on a PET 8032

My exhibit for VCFE 10.0 was to include a bunch of old computers running early spreadsheet programs.  I planned to include the closest representations possible for me of the Vintage Computer “Holy Trinity”- The Apple ][, TRS-80, and Commodore PET – all running the original VisiCalc. The PET would prove the toughest.

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Cleaning a PET 8032 Keyboard for Vintage Computer Festival East 10.0


This is one of the computers I intended to run VisiCalc on for VCFeX.  It is a CBM 8032 that I bought locally from a Commodore executive who had stored it in a closet since 1985.  I unboxed it last year only to do a quick inspection and power on test.  The keys fought me while typing a hello world basic program so I knew for a while the keyboard was going to needed attention.  Now that a real use was at hand, it was time to make that keyboard sing.

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TRS-80 Model I 48K Level II System – Bring up and repair

This is the story of bringing up and repairing a TRS-80 that had not been powered on in 30 years.

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Unboxing a fine CBM 8032 System

In the Summer of 2013 I picked up this Commodore 8032 set locally from a ex-Commodore executive.

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GRiD 1530: My first vintage computer project

 100_4147In July 2012 I had a stroke of luck finding this GRiD 1530 at a local recycling facility.  I brought it home and found that it was a very nice item, with some accessories, including battery, power supply and external floppy drive.

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