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VisiCalc on a PET 8032

My exhibit for VCFE 10.0 was to include a bunch of old computers running early spreadsheet programs.  I planned to include the closest representations possible for me of the Vintage Computer “Holy Trinity”- The Apple ][, TRS-80, and Commodore PET – all running the original VisiCalc. The PET would prove the toughest.

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Cleaning a PET 8032 Keyboard for Vintage Computer Festival East 10.0


This is one of the computers I intended to run VisiCalc on for VCFeX.  It is a CBM 8032 that I bought locally from a Commodore executive who had stored it in a closet since 1985.  I unboxed it last year only to do a quick inspection and power on test.  The keys fought me while typing a hello world basic program so I knew for a while the keyboard was going to needed attention.  Now that a real use was at hand, it was time to make that keyboard sing.

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